Transmission LA

Some great things are happening at the MOCA and it’s all surrounding Mike D. of the Beastie Boys currently curating Transmission LA: AV Club.

The 17-day festival will illustrate how audio and visual art forms complement and influence each other, through various exhibitions, concerts, DJ nights, performances, and installations,. The event’s logo embodies Mike D’s artistic concept, depicting the letters A (for audio) and V (for visual) as inextricably fused.

And what would a Mike D event that be without a little A (that’s stands for audio…remember)?  You can reserve tickets for the popular events the day before the show at 10AM.

Here is the lineup:

APRIL 26: Jeremy Sole / Fat Lip/ Egyptian Lover
APRIL 27: Special Guest
APRIL 28: Z-Trip
MAY 3: DJ Harvey / James Murphy
MAY 5: Diplo and Mad Decent Crew

You can view the AV Club magazine here

To paraphrase (poorly) a very old Beastie Boy’s song.  Mike D gets my respect because my cash and my jewelry are what I expected to pay for these shows but they are FREE and all ages are invited to attend.  See you there!

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