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CNN is currently airing The History of Comedians and Rolling Stone just posted the Top 50 Best Stand-Up Comics Of All Time.

Spoiler Alert.  Here are the top 5 (nod to Chris Rock and his Top 5)

  1. Richard Pryor
  2. George Carlin
  3. Lenny Bruce
  4. Louis C.K.
  5. Chris Rock

It’s all subjective, but Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin should be 4 and 5 imho.

Since this is a music blog, here are 5 of my favorite stand up routines centered around music.

I know he’s not popular at all anymore and this may be tough to here knowing his past history but there’s no denying how influential Bill Cosby records were to generations of comics.  Rightonrightonrighton


There is nothing better than Eddie Murphy explaining James Brown.


Patton Oswalt loves 80s metal videos

Aziz Ansari hangs out with Kanye West

George Carlin doesn’t enjoy music radio programming.  I think he’d be a fan of podcasts and streaming music.

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