The Genius Of Joni

Tonight at The Hollywood Bowl artists with varying backgrounds will come to salute Joni Mitchell with a show called Joni’s Jazz.  It’s a testament to her talent that people like Herbie Hancock, Kurt Elling, Glenn Hansard, Aimee Mann, Chaka Khan and Wayne Shorter will  give their interpretations of her music with a  playing of her classic The Hissing Of Summer Lawns.  Listen to the complexity of this music and you will understand why so many respected Jazz musicians are willing to participate in this event.  Hear the pounding drums of “The Jungle Line” and realize that might have been the spark for Paul Simon and Peter Gabriel to feature Burundi drums on their albums.  Listen to the “The Boho Dance” and imagine Sting listening to it and deciding to quit The Police to go on his solo venture.  Watch one of my favorite scenes from The Kids are Alright one of my favorite movies from last year to see how Joni’s music means so much to so many people. So go to this event and drink a case of Joni.

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