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Blue Jean Committee "Catalina Breeze"

As a huge fan of music documentaries, it was such a treat to watch Bill Hader and Fred Armisen tackle the genre in their Documentary Now! series.

Their obvious source of inspiration was the Eagles Documentary History Of The Eagles.  It was so obvious because the name of their manager was a play on the name Irving Azoff, the manager of The Eagles and the guy playing the manager was naturally, Irving Azoff.  Brilliant.

I loved Bill Hader’s extremely high and in his words “masculine” falsetto (as sung by Petra Haden.  This was the type of voice that Randy Meisner (former bassist of the Eagles) used to such great affect on songs like “Take It To The Limit”.

My favorite part however referenced the Eagles benefit show for Alan Cranstan where not all members were supportive of the Senator.  In Documentary Now! both members of the band, who are just two Chicago guys from sausage families (not Michigan and Texas like the Eagles) and come from “a long and noble meat tradition” are shocked to learn they are playing an Animal Rights convention.

But it all works because the music is spot on.  So much so that I wanted to get an actual copy of the album.  Good news!  It’s coming our way on November 20th

Here are the boys performing the title cut “Catalina Breeze” on Late Night With Seth Myers.  Dig those groovy lyrics…”and going to the movies”

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