Ten seconds with Bruce

It kind of felt like the waiting in line scene in A Christmas Story.  Only instead of kids waiting in line for Santa, it was a bunch of 40-60 year olds waiting in line to meet Bruce Springsteen in honor of his autobiography “Born To Run”.

We were told line ups started at 4AM.  I got there at 3:30AM and the line went on for blocks.  The woman at the front of the line got there two days ago.  I asked her if it would be alright if I just waited in front of her.  The 60 year old woman who barely hit 5 feet tall good-naturedly said she would slug me if I tried it.  I moved on and on and on.  I almost left right there and then but y’know it was for Bruce so I stayed.  At about 5:30, the unofficial headcount reached me and I was #921.  I’m in!

I had some time, so I did the math and if we all got 1 minute with Bruce I would only have to wait about 15 hours.  It couldn’t be 30 seconds, so I knew everyone would get about 10 seconds (if they were lucky) to socialize with The Boss.

Waiting in line with other Bruce fans was part of the fun and made the time pass fairly quick.  In the 80s when I waited overnight for Springsteen concert tickets the talk was of beer, beaches and babes.  This time the themes were kids, colleges and colonoscopies.

About 1PM the line finally reached its destination and it was like meeting Santa.  My stomach dropped and I think I blurted out a “Thank you. Bruce!”.  Unlike Santa, he didn’t ask my name but as I was being whisked away I got in a question, “Would You Have Done This To Meet Elvis?”.  He gave a Santa like chuckle and said “Yes”.  It was so worth it!

Bruce Springsteen and Dave Sloan


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