Taylor Swift The Closer

Taylor Swift Time Magazine Powerful CEOJust call Taylor Swift Kyra Sedgwick because she played The Closer to a T.

Taylor Swift’s Tumbr post entitled “To Apple, Love Taylor” laid out the rules that Apple was playing by for their upcoming launch of their streaming Apple Music service.  The rules were basically we’re treating our customers to three months of free music so all artists should also accept zero payment for three months.    It sounds crazy when you think about it but apparently all the major labels agreed to these terms.  It shows the power that Apple now holds.  But indie labels began to grumble and threatened to withhold their artists from the service.

Cue Taylor and the intensely personal relationship she has with her fans.  KISS may have their Army but Taylor has her “Swifties” (okay, clearly not as cool as KISS Army but you get the idea).  When Taylor speaks, her fans listen and there are many of them.  So many in fact, that Taylor Swift made a 700 BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY blink with a simple essay.


How much Apple will pay to the artists is still up for debate but all I know is Taylor Swift is one of the most powerful CEOs around and can get things done.  Who knows where she might set her sights next?

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