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Leon Russell “A Song For You”

Leon Russell‘s “A Song For You” was recorded in 1970.  I don’t think it was an accident that Elton John’s “Your Song” came out a little later. Elton always said he considered Leon his mentor.   To my ears “Your Song” could not have been created without the Leon Russell song. The song is on Leon’s […]

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April 20

As the story on Wikipedia goes: In 1971, a group of people in San Rafael, California, calling themselves the Waldos because “their chosen hang-out spot was a wall outside the school”, made a plan to search for an abandoned cannabis crop. The Waldos designated the Louis Pasteur statue on the grounds of San Rafael High […]

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All In The Family

  I saw the band Tweedy this week.  The core of the band consists of Jeff Tweedy on vocals and guitar and his son Spencer on drums.  Spencer’s loopy drum style constantly kept his dad on his toes as opposed to the precision drumming style of Glenn Kotche, Jeff’s drummer in the band Wilco.  It […]

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New Music Tuesday

I can’t wait for the AC/DC story to one day come out.  This band has been rocking now for over 40 years and they’ve looked death, murder, addictions and dementia square in the face, shrugged and just kept moving on.  They’re new album is called fittingly enough “Rock Or Bust”.  Their drummer might be facing […]

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September Songs

September represents the start of school,  the time to put away those shorts and begin a new chapter in your life or reflect on times past.  This is probably the reason there are more songs with September in the title than January.  January may represent a new year but it’s still winter, nothing has really […]

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Playing With Dad

Last week Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy released a song with his son Spencer on drums.  They’re releasing an album called Sukierae  (pronounced “sue-key-ray”).  According to dictionary.com, it’s not really a word so we’ll just have to trust the Tweedys’ on this one.  Any fan of Tweedy’s work will love this song and he allows Spencer plenty […]

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Favorite Drinking Songs

The cool thing about drinking songs is that no music style has the patent on the right way to create the perfect drinking song. Hip Hop to Country to Rock they all have created some memorable songs. I know St. Patrick’s Day is about more than just drinking so let’s just say it’s a coincidence […]

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Veteran Musicians

Veterans are ordinary citizens doing amazing work.  Occasionally a few also become proficient at making music.  Happy Veteran’s Day!    Elvis Presley Army: March 1958 and March 1960 Johnny Cash Air Force: July 1950- July 1954 Jimi Hendrix Army: May 1961-June 1962 Ice T Army 1976-1980   Sammy Davis Jr. Army Willie Nelson Air Force 1950 […]

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Get Out

Could there be a better summer time concert experience that witnessing Willie Nelson with Trigger and Lyle Lovett at The Hollywood Bowl?  Don’t answer because it’s a rhetorical question.  Just get yourself to The Bowl this weekend as Austin, Texas comes to The Bowl.  They’re playing both Friday and Saturday night under the stars.   […]

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Super Bowl Music Commercials

As everyone knows, most of the people who tune in to the Super Bowl are watching for the in-between game fun, like the halftime show, the Puppy Bowl and of course , the commercials.  Here are my favorite music inspired commercials throughout the years. We’ll start off with this year’s Flaming Lips Hyundai spot. 2012 with […]

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