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Everybody Wants Some

Everybody Wants Some is being marketed as the “spiritual” sequel to the cult classic Dazed and Confused.  I think the correct phrasing should be “musically spiritual”.    I say that because while I would have loved the opportunity to hang out with most of the characters in Dazed and Confused most of the jocks featured […]

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Get out during Rocktober

Happy Rocktober!  I don’t care of the expression was played out by 1982, I still wanna rock and the best venue to do that this month is none other than The Hollywood Bowl.   This month, during its “off-season” the Bowl will host 13 events.  All of them are worth checking out except for Jimmy […]

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All In The Family

  I saw the band Tweedy this week.  The core of the band consists of Jeff Tweedy on vocals and guitar and his son Spencer on drums.  Spencer’s loopy drum style constantly kept his dad on his toes as opposed to the precision drumming style of Glenn Kotche, Jeff’s drummer in the band Wilco.  It […]

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1984: The Greatest Pop Culture Year

I’ll admit that I’m biased but as I look back 30 years it’s really hard to top 1984 in terms of Pop Culture influence. Television had the Thursday lineup of The Cosby Show, Family, Cheers, Night Court and Hill Street Blues.  It was the first year for Miami Vice.  It was also the year of this take […]

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Music Vault

There is a website called Music Vault that just partnered with YouTube.  Music Vault is associated with Wolfgang’s Vault, the pay service that has access to thousands of hours of live music audio and video from Classic rock, jazz and current artists. Music Vault is a treasure trove of great live performances.  No shaky web phone […]

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Weekend In LA

This is the weekend to reminisce about the way things were when you were just some punk ass kid. On Friday, drive your 1984 Cherry Red Chevy Camaro to  The Staples Center and soak in what is probably one of the last shows  Van Halen with David Lee Roth will perform. David (touring with the band […]

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Van Halen XXVI years later

Let’s not get carried away but Van Halen with Diamond David Lee Roth is coming out with their first album together since 1984 came out on January 9, 1984!  That’s twenty six years ago.  To give you an idea of how long ago that was, the Super Bowl was only XVIII years old and apparently […]

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2012 Concert Tours

This year looks to be quite an eventful one when it comes to major artist tours this year.  Here are a few to prepare you.  Start saving your money now. Yes, the group of Van Halen, Van Halen, Van Halen and Roth will meet up in your local hockey arenas this summer where you will […]

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