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7 and 7 is 1987

  Time to explore the top 7 of 1987 The Joshua Tree U2 I’m actually disappointed the band decided to look back and tour this album this summer.  That said, in 1987 there was not a finer or more exciting album,  The band’s tour that year is the one where they finally realized they weren’t […]

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2 for 2uesday

In light of the events in Orlando, I turn to the familiar for times of healing.  These are two songs that always help me get through difficult times. Stevie Wonder “Love’s In Need Of Love Today” Good morn or evening friends Here’s your friendly announcer I have serious news to pass on to everybody What […]

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U2 and Paris

“If you know liberty, then Paris is your hometown” declared Bono last night at their first rescheduled show in Paris since the attacks. Many bands play benefits, few are able to articulate our feelings through a song or speech.  U2 seems to be the band we need for healing. The band’s performance of “One” following […]

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Falling on stage

Revenue may be up for the concert business this year, but artists seem to be falling down, tripping or flat out being ripped from the stage more than ever this year.  The unpredictability of live events is part of the fun of going to shows.  No matter how rehearsed and prepared the artists are for […]

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Rediscovering U2

First thing, I have and always will be a fan of U2.  That said, and as Bono has acknowledged, it’s sometimes difficult to be a fan of the band. Hypothetically, if the band had broken up after their 2000 record “All That You Can’t Leave Behind”,  they would be considered one of the greatest rock […]

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Get Out

Get out.  Two simple words.  This week let me make it even simpler , U2, L7, JD. Bono’s bike accident, Larry Mullins Jr. father passing away, The Edge falling off the stage on the opening show and now the death of their longtime tour manager, Dennis Sheehan, it has been an extremely rocky road for […]

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Get Out

Well David Letterman’s run is over but you can always get out to support the many wide-range of artists, Dave helped support throughout the reign of his show.  Here are a number of artists that are playing this week in LA and also played Dave’s show. Saturday Laura Jane Grace (of Against Me!) : Masonic Lodge […]

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David Letterman: Punk Rocker

To this viewer, there was nothing more original than Late Night With David Letterman.  The Late Show was a well deserved 22 year victory lap for David Letterman.  Everything I learned from comedy appreciated about comedy came from Letterman’s perspective.  It’s probably why I’m a little more cynical and jaded than I should be.  It’s […]

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1, 2, 3, 4 Songs

4/4 is the basic rock beat.  It’s simple and primal.  There’s nothing sophisticated about it.  You can do it slow or fast.  AC/DC are masters of it.  Hearing both Dee Dee Ramone and Bruce Springsteen count off  in concert is one of the most thrilling things I’ve ever heard in my life. So in honor […]

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What to expect in 2015

One of the reasons to love pop music is its unpredictability.  You might know of new releases and new concert tours but you never know which new release will meet those expectations (Taylor Swift) and which will end with a thud  (U2).  The good news is it’s the new year and both Taylor and U2 […]

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