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Bowie in the mid 1990s

Great footage is popping up on YouTube for David Bowie fans.  A couple of my favorites are during his artistic resurgence in 1995 starting with the album Outside. Bowie didn’t really know what to do after his biggest commercial success with Let’s Dance in 1983.  He released a couple lackluster albums, did a “never going to […]

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Go Kings Go!

For those of you not in the know, the Los Angeles Kings just won their second Stanley Cup in three years.  It’s a local holiday today as the city celebrates its hometown hockey heroes. Like all sports, every aspect of their game is broken down for analysis.  The Kings have an In-Game Music Blog so even though […]

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Movie Soundtracks

First off, I’m not a big fan of movie soundtracks.  They’re generic sounding, or worse they substitute for the actors indicating the emotion that they’re supposed to feel.  It’s rare when a soundtrack can be enjoyed as an actual album outside the movie theatre.  Fortunately, once in a while they’re done right. Last year, Trent […]

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