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Get Out

This is the week of Desert Trip.  If you’re tempted to go, you’re in luck as tickets on StubHub are below cost. I’m almost tempted to go myself.  Here’s who is playing and what to expect. Friday Bob Dylan Set time 6:40PM What to expect: Probably disappointment.  Veteran Dylan followers know what to expect but first […]

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Keith Moon would have been 70

If Keith Moon were alive today he would be dead.  Some people live long,fruitful lives, others live to burn the candles at both ends and then slice it in half and blow it up and that was Keith.  He lived life the way he played the drums, kind of all over the place and yet […]

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Who Are You Louis C.K.

I’m seeing Louis CK tonight.  I can’t wait.  I wanted to post my favorite scene from his possibly late show “Louie” This 3 minute clip perfectly sums up a lot of what I’ve learned about Fatherhood.  There’s something cool that you love and you want to pass that love that you feel for this subject but your […]

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Substitute Singers

It was officially announced this past weekend that Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose would join AC/DC on their “Rock or Bust” tour, taking the place of Brian Johnson, who just retired due to hearing issues. It was also announced that “Oldchella” would be taking over the Polo Grounds in Coachella Valley with The Rolling […]

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The Live Album

Comes Alive, At Budakon, Folsom Prison, At The Apollo, At Leeds.  Most music fans can fill in the blanks with Frampton, Cheap Trick, Johnny Cash, James Brown and The Who.  A long time ago the live album was created to establish the authenticity of the artist and in some cases like the aforementioned albums launched their […]

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Music Vault

There is a website called Music Vault that just partnered with YouTube.  Music Vault is associated with Wolfgang’s Vault, the pay service that has access to thousands of hours of live music audio and video from Classic rock, jazz and current artists. Music Vault is a treasure trove of great live performances.  No shaky web phone […]

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Who I Am

In January I saw The Who perform Quadrophenia which got me excited about a band I hadn’t thought much about since they did their farewell tour back in 1982 (yes, it was billed as a farewell tour something the Rolling Stones thankfully have never done but KISS did in 2000 and David Bowie “retired” songs in […]

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Safety Concerns at Public Venues

I don’t even know why I’m writing on this topic because I don’t have any answers but like most people right now I’m thinking about the horrific events at the screening last week of the new Batman film. All I know is that when I go to an event,  I don’t even want to be […]

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The Box Set

Do you love Elvis Costello?  How much would you pay for a 3 Disc (CD, DVD and 10″ vinyl EP) for his two 2011 LA shows featuring the Spectacular Spinning Songbook?  Before you answer, we’ll also throw in a 40-page hardcover book packed with candid photos, a tour diary of Costello’s musings from each tour stop, […]

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Weekend in LA

Do you love The Who?  Do you love automobiles?  Well The Peterson Automobile Museum is hosting a listening party for The Who’s Quadrophenia.  I’m sure the sound will be a lot better than listening to it on your crappy computer speakers on  Spotify so go and enjoy! Extra cool points if you take your Vespa to […]

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