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Fairytale Of New York

It doesn’t feel like Christmas unless I hear “Fairtyale Of New York” by The Pogues and Kirsty Maccoll.  It’s funny, it’s witty, it’s melodramatic, it’s sweet and romantic.  In fact, it’s the perfect Christmas RomCom movie and it’s under 5 minutes.  It wouldn’t work in an 90 minute movie format.  You would start to hate […]

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Record Store Day

Record Store Day 2014 is here!  Frankly, like Coachella it’s gotten a little out of control.  Much like I’d prefer to see bands in a club instead of with 50,000 people, I’d prefer to shop on my own time instead of waiting for a couple hours to get my purchase. However, I am all for […]

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Favorite Drinking Songs

The cool thing about drinking songs is that no music style has the patent on the right way to create the perfect drinking song. Hip Hop to Country to Rock they all have created some memorable songs. I know St. Patrick’s Day is about more than just drinking so let’s just say it’s a coincidence […]

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New Music Tuesday

It’s a hot, holiday week and people are thinking more about escaping inside a movie theatre rather than listening to music inside their stuffy car so here are a few movie soundtracks coming out today that might pique your interest. The Way, Way Back.  A coming of age story starring Steve Carell The soundtrack looks […]

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Get Out

Since everyone’s left town for Austin, who’s going to entertain LA?  How about Snoop Dogg!  Actually, he’s going by Snoop Lion now.  It’s all explained in the documentary that comes out on Friday entitled “Reincarnated”.  As it’s explained, “Snoop Dogg journeys to Jamaica to record an album with Diplo. While there, (he) finds himself embraced by […]

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4th of July playlist

If you happen to find yourself playing the part of the family man (shout out to Greg Keer. Woo-Woo! ) and trapped in the car with the kids; fear not!  Just pop in this ready-made America/Freedom/Trains/Hot Pants themed playlist and let the fun begin (fun, is in no way guaranteed). I want you to have […]

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