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Married Couples in bands

Rock and roll is littered with bands that are composed of ex-wives and husbands. There are only a few that seem to have survived the odds to keep a relationship and a band going at the same time.   This weekend I saw one such band, The Handsome Family.  You would think upon first listening to […]

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Get Out…to Stagecoach

With Coachella finally out of the way, it’s now time to focus on Country Coachella aka Stagecoach.  Just like Coachella, the headliners aren’t necessarily the most interesting performers to see at this festival so with that in mind and now that the set times are posted, here is a potential strategy to see some worthwhile […]

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The Handsome Family

The final episode from the first season of True Detective has aired and everything in the show will be analyzed and picked over like some forensic expert. Fans of the show should start at the  beginning (it’s a very good place to start) with the theme song.  A band based out of Albuquerque The Handsome Family had […]

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