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What Difference Does It Make KROQ Part 3 Episode 12

Holly and Dave discuss songs 39 to 30 of the KROQ countdown from 1981. Strange but true KROQ played Rush‘s Tom Sawyer in 1981 so Holly gets to geek out over her favorite prog rock band and Dave still doesn’t know how to pronounce the drummer’s name. Holly also gets to fan over The Go-Go’s […]

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The Muffs The Go-Gos and Bangles, Oh My!

This week in LA, a few of the women that ruled the LA music scene in the 80s and 90s are returning for shows. Kim Shattuck played bass in the 80s Paisley Underground rock band The Pandoras but gained fame in the 90s with her power pop band, The Muffs.  Friday, the band will celebrate their 25th […]

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Serious Moonlight

I’m still on my Bowie kick.  My first show with no parents was September 9, 1983 at Anaheim Stadium.   Basically it was pretty much the perfect day.  David Bowie with The Go-Go’s and Madness opening up.   After witnessing this show, I had a whole new perspective on pop culture.  Fashion was cool.  Dancing […]

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Weekend In LA

It’s time again for Carmageddon! Stay indoors and watch Fast Times At Ridgemont High Or Pretty In Pink or watch a brilliant documentary “I Am Trying to Break Your Heart” or better yet, head on out to the east side at The Hollywood Bowl and see The Go-Go’s and Psychedelic Furs along with The Motels and […]

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Making the Brand

Spin Magazine last week published an article listing their 40 greatest band names of all time.  I agree with most of the list (Motörhead is #1) but I’m not sure why the stopped at 40. So let’s continue the list.  Here are the ten band names I would add in alphabetical order. 1) Arcade Fire […]

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