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Rock Star Tweeters

Twitter turned ten this week.  It debuted the same week as the first showing of Hanna Montana.  Coincidence? I think, not. Music and Twitter have gone hand in hand for a while now.  Here are the top 10 artists and their Twitter followers. Katy Perry (84,656,286)* Justin Bieber (77,335,718) Taylor Swift (73,088,914) Rihanna (57,392,903) Lady Gaga […]

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Get Out

Sad that you missed Taylor Swift announce “Please welcome to the stage Beck and St. Vincent” as they ripped into Beck’s “Dreams”? Well fear not as St. Vincent remains in Los Angeles for her show this Sunday at The Hollywood Bowl. This time instead of Beck the musical protege is paired with R&B chanteuse Erykah […]

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Beats 1 The Honeymoon period

President’s traditionally get 100 days grace period when the first take office which I think is why Apple Music is giving us 90 days free before we decide to pay for the service.    Here is what I think might happen once the ninety days are over. The big selling point for many has been […]

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Beats 1

  The good news about Apple Music worldwide radio station is that it’s got people talking about radio and what makes a good music radio station.  Is it just music content? Is it DJs personalities? Is it variety of programming?  I believe Beats 1 is hitting its mark on all three of these traits. Sure, […]

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Best singles of 2015…so far

There was so much good music that sometimes the good ones escape our notice.  Here are ten songs that did not escape my notice and were played repeatedly during the first six months of 2015.   Beck “Dreams” Beck picks up the tempo and I rediscover my love for Beck dance music   Alabama Shakes “Don’t […]

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Best Albums 2014

  Music is so niche that most best album lists I’ve viewed contain maybe two or three albums I’ve actually heard.  It’s so personal but I try to choose albums that I think may have a longer shelf life and that I think get better upon frequent listens.  I also think it’s no coincidence that […]

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Black Friday Record Store Day picks

By the time you read this, these records will probably have already disappeared.  Nevertheless, it’s still a great excuse to get yourself out to a record store and re-discover the joy of flipping through albums.  Touching and looking at physical albums is still a good thing. Here are the three items that are on my […]

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Talk Show Exclusive Performances

I find myself gravitating to Talk Show websites more often and the reason is to see the exclusive performances.  Bands usually perform one for the show and then perform one or two for the web.  Here are a number of my recent favorites. Beck on Colbert Report The Colbert Report Get More: Daily Show Full […]

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Best albums 2014…so far

As recognition of the halfway point of 2014 these are my top ten albums that have been replayed the most at the house.  This list will probably change as soon as I press “publish”. Beck “Morning Phase”   Broken Bells “After The Disco”   Miranda Lambert “Platinum”   Hurray For The Riff Raff “Small Town Heroes” […]

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Musicians and coffee

We aren’t surprised when we see that musicians brand themselves with alcohol.  ZZ Top and Sammy Hagar have Tequilla.  Jay-Z has his cognac and of course Willie Nelson has his Whiskey River to name but a few. The new go-to product for musicians now seems to be coffee. St. Vincent is a big coffee fan. […]

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