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What Difference Does It Make KROQ Part 3 Episode 12

Holly and Dave discuss songs 39 to 30 of the KROQ countdown from 1981. Strange but true KROQ played Rush‘s Tom Sawyer in 1981 so Holly gets to geek out over her favorite prog rock band and Dave still doesn’t know how to pronounce the drummer’s name. Holly also gets to fan over The Go-Go’s […]

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Presidential Summer Playlists

I guess it’s now a tradition as for the second straight year, President Obama has released his Summer Spotify Daytime and Nighttime playlists.  I love the image of the Leader of The Free World enjoying Courtney Barnett and him singing Fiona Apple’s Criminal or rapping along with Common.  It’s a good all inclusive playlist.  Click […]

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Streaming Merry Christmas

Since this is the year of streaming, please enjoy this nearly 8 hour Spotify Folksy Christmas playlist. You may also enjoy watching Nick Offerman sitting by the fire and enjoying what I’m sure is a fine whisky. Merry Christmas! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet […]

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Apple Music vs. Spotify Game On!

Based on the initial presentation Apple Music doesn’t sound much different than Spotify.  I did subscribe to Beats Music and the reason was their rate of $14.99 a month for the entire family.  The same subscription rate will be offered for Apple Music and that might encourage me to jump in when it launches on […]

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Free Music Friday

Led Zeppelin announced this week that they have struck a deal with Spotify to allow streaming of their music.  This leaves The Beatles, AC/DC, Tool, Garth Brooks and Bob Seger as the major players that have yet to allow their music to be available to the public. Led Zeppelin is doing a day by day roll […]

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It arrived in my email box Friday afternoon.  An invitation to try out Spotify.  In case you are not yet familiar with the name, Spotify is a music subscription service.   What sets it apart first off,  is that it is FREE to use.  Of course,  that means your music will be interrupted by advertisements. […]

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