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New Music Tuesday

Since it’s Letterman week, let’s highlight those artists that have performed on the show and have new/old music coming out this week. At Your Service Sammy Hagar & The Circle Live performance from Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson jamming on 19 Classic Rock tracks. Sammy “Best Teeth In Rock and Roll” […]

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Co-Headlining shows

I saw Paul Simon and Sting last week and it was actually pretty good.  They sang each other’s songs and dueted together.   They played most of their hits (and a few buried gems).  The only big risk was Sting taking the lead on Bridge Over Troubled Water I think it worked quite well.  They […]

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Spirits In The Material World

Many of our favorite pop stars have had encounters with the “otherworld”. Here are a few stories of artists that have given their ghosts friendly names. Demi Lovato: deemed her house in Texas as “so ridiculously haunted.” However, it’s not inhabited by a malicious spirit — it’s a little girl she believes is named Emily.  “I’ve […]

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2011 Holiday music

Everyone loves to take a shot at the Christmas classics or try to establish a new one so please enjoy these attempts from 2011 to reinvent the wheel. Bowling For Soup “I Miss You Most On Christmas” Kanye West featuring Prynce Cy Hi & Teyana Taylor “Christmas In Harlem” Mariah Carey & John Legend “When […]

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