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Poor Performances

  Sam Smith sang his Oscar winning song “Writing’s On The Wall” and afterwards said “It was the worst moment of my life. Singing was horrible. I hated every minute,” he told the BBC following his performance. Adele sang “Hello”at the Grammys and had to deal with poor sound issues and  “… cried pretty much all […]

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Oscars Music (Original Song)

The Oscars are this Sunday and amazingly enough I have been able to view all eight nominations.  However I realized I have no clue as to what the nominees are for Best Original song.  Obviously it’s not a major category, but the Oscar show usually needs to rely on these songs to provide some sort […]

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Hear the 2015 Album Of the Year Nominees

  I know everyone I know tries to see most of the nominations for Academy Awards but there seems less of a desire to hear complete albums.  I know that’s more true than ever now the concept of making a complete fully formed album is less relevant in this day of choosing just the songs […]

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Songwriting Credits

Well it happened again as Sam Smith and his team of lawyers decided that his multi-million selling single “Stay With Me” bares a too close for comfort resemblance to Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down”. Songwriting credit will now be shared with Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne. It happens.  I even wrote about it after Bruce […]

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Award Shows

I spent the last two evenings watching Award Shows. Talk shows post extended interviews and performances online it might be time to relegate acceptance speeches to go online.  I would imagine it would create something interesting, they won’t be played off, it would cut an hour of air time and the memorable speeches would go […]

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Best singles 2014…so far

I still love albums but it’s those earworms that you hear endlessly and make you sing along unconsciously that make pop music so irresistible.  Here are my top ten favorites of songs that I can’t seem to shake, no matter how horrified I may be at the lyrical content. I’m looking at you Jason Derulo […]

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