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Substitute Singers

It was officially announced this past weekend that Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose would join AC/DC on their “Rock or Bust” tour, taking the place of Brian Johnson, who just retired due to hearing issues. It was also announced that “Oldchella” would be taking over the Polo Grounds in Coachella Valley with The Rolling […]

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Get Out

Did you miss the Stones last week?  Good.  You’ve got $600 extra in your pocket and now you can see a few truly classic rock bands. First, since you missed the Stones you head to the Fonda on Thursday for Stones Fest.  This is one of three fests (Petty, Dylan, Stones) that are being organized […]

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Classic Rock and Commercials

Johnson & Johnson has decided that Guns n’ Roses represents “love and the reason you care”. Here are a few other commercials you probably never thought you’d see from your favorite rockers. Rush & Passat Eddie Money & Geico KISS & Dr. Pepper Quiet Riot & Hyundai Rolling Stones “Sympathy for The Devil” & Mercedes […]

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2013 Predictions

Here’s where I stare into my crystal ball and tell you who will come out the winner. iTunes streaming vs.  Spotify/Mog/Rdio/Pandora/Pono Winner Apple This will be a landslide.  Never bet against Apple.  I still remember when I owned a Rio with 64K of memory which was the ultimate music player and then everything changed with […]

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