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Musicians acting like Jocks

Since it’s a “Super” week leading up to the Super Sunday, we’ll take a look at musicians and they’re tenuous relationship with sports. If you ask any musician, most likely they’ll tell you they picked up an instrument because they were not jocks. ¬†However once said musician becomes a rock star, they are sometimes unwittingly […]

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Sir Roderick Stewart and Bob Dylan

Absolutely mind-blowing. Deeply honoured to be Sir Roderick Stewart. A photo posted by Sir Rod Stewart (@sirrodstewart) on Oct 11, 2016 at 1:26pm PDT Last week Rod Stewart was honored for his services to music and charity and knighted by Britain’s Prince William at Buckingham Palace. He will be known as Sir Roderick Stewart. Also […]

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New Music Friday

Superstars Carrie Underwood, Rod Stewart and Andres Bocelli all have new albums coming out but the indie darling that everyone’s excited about in certain circles is Joanna Newsom and her fourth album and first in 5 years being released. It’s called Divers and Pitchfork has already declared it as “Best New Music” giving it an […]

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Music Hoaxes

In celebration of the first day of April, I took a trip to Snopes and picked out ten of my favorite hoaxes. ¬†Enjoy! 1) Gene Simmons has a cow’s tongue grafted onto his own. 2) Marilyn Manson was Paul Pffeiffer from the Wonder Years. 3) Rod Stewart had seman pumped out of his stomach 4) […]

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