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2012 Favorite Music Videos

If 2011 was the year of unique dance videos, then this was the year of unique puppet videos…really. All of these videos from 2012 feature puppets.  I did throw in one bonus of a Grease tribute with James Franco as Danny and  a cat head performing as Sandy….really! All of them are worth your attention. […]

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Making the Brand

Spin Magazine last week published an article listing their 40 greatest band names of all time.  I agree with most of the list (Motörhead is #1) but I’m not sure why the stopped at 40. So let’s continue the list.  Here are the ten band names I would add in alphabetical order. 1) Arcade Fire […]

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Talk about the Passion

I came across this article in The Onion over the weekend.  In a nutshell, it’s two older guys (33 and 41) old of course, is a relative term, discussing why friends their age don’t have the inclination to check out new music.  They will however, not think twice about throwing down $45 for two tickets and […]

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Old Friend

It’s the classic quandary.  People love artists like Stevie Nicks or Paul Simon or REM and yet whenever they release something new the traditional avenues of promotion are rolled out like  touring, radio airplay, TV appearances, interviews and magazine reviews. Stevie Nicks just released a very good album and yet I’m sure she got more exposure […]

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