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Free Music Friday

In honor  the chucklefest known as the  Oddball Festival this weekend.  Here are a number of comedians singing or talking about songs just for you.  Be warned these are comedians that have potty mouths so this is NSFW.  Enjoy! Sarah Silverman Louis CK Aziz Anzari Hannibal Buress Bill Burr Reggie Watts Bookmark on Delicious Digg […]

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Get Out

Comedy is thy name this weekend or more accurately as Bart Simpson accurately pointed out “Comedy, Thy name is Krusty” (go to 2:30 to hear the quote or better yet, just watch the whole thing) Yes, this weekend The Simpsons invade The Hollywood Bowl.  What does that mean?  I don’t know, but I do know […]

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Get Out

There’s a couple unique happenings occurring in Los Angeles that both sound promising. Edward Sharpe’s Big Top promises “An Eclectic Mix of Artists, Performers, A Public Farmer’s Market, Late Night Happenings & More!”  This will all occur in the round “under a traditional big top” at the Los Angeles State Historic Park. This could be […]

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