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Thomas Erdelyi

You might not recognize the name because he was mostly known as Tommy Ramone, drummer for the first three Ramones records.  I didn’t know him by his actual name until I read his obituary.  There’s been much written about Tommy Ramone in the past week following his death and his dynamic drumming that helped propel the […]

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Favorite Albums 2012

Well I seem to be in the minority now but I still love the album.  I guess that’s why all my favorites this year reminded me of past artists’ work.    Here’s my list of favorites in no particular order: Frank Ocean Channel Orange – It feels like Prince wrote a love letter to the […]

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Tribute Albums

I wish all tribute albums were as brilliant as the songs they covered but that’s rarely the case and as the saying goes, “if wishes and buts were clusters of nuts we’d all have a bowl of granola“. Just Tell Me That You Want Me – Tribute To Fleetwood Mac comes out Tuesday and while the […]

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New Music Tuesday

Before Tenacious D there lived a band in LA, called Redd Kross that ruled the Sunset Strip in the mid to late 80’s. Well maybe not ruled but much like The D, they parodied the rock  and roll clichés while simultaneously honoring the rock stars they so obviously loved.  This made for highly energized shows that […]

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