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Cassette Store Day

Yes, Cassette Store Day is an actual thing. Thank you, Millennials.  Actually when I did go to Amoeba to sell my old Cyndi Lauper and Van Halen cassettes I got more money then I would have ten years earlier so thank you Millennials. For those of you that still like listening to muddy sounding recordings […]

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Labor Day videos 1980s style

I don’t know what it was about the 80s and our desire to sing a catchy pop song about the trials and tribulations of the working class but here are ten videos you watched on MTV for your Labor Day weekend.  So pop open a Bartles & Jaymes and enjoy.  Thank you for your support. And how […]

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New Music Tuesday

With Hanukkah less than a week away it’s the perfect time to recommend an album that celebrates the Festival of Lights and does not make you roll your eyes. The album is called “Twas The Night Before Hanukkah”.  Okay, the title may make you start your eyes rolling to the top of your head, but […]

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We Can Get Together

I’m still on my Hold Steady kick and just thinking about History Lesson Part II, the song that mentions other artists in the lyrics.  I started thinking that there are so many other songs that mention other artists.  Here are some of my favorites.  I’ll start with The Hold Steady is they go crazy with […]

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