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2 For 2uesday: Valentine’s Day version

Since the Prince camp has released most of his music for streaming I wanted to post a couple of songs for this special day. I think most of his love songs refer to a Higher Being but there are a few that are unmistakably meant for getting down.  Here are two of my favorites. From […]

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Streaming Prince

The floodgates have opened and Prince music is now available on ALL streaming services. Bruno Mars did a fine job doing his version of Let’s Go Crazy.  The Time were fun recreating their moves from Purple Rain on last night’s Grammys.   However, it just made me miss Prince all that much more knowing that […]

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7 and 7 is 1987

  Time to explore the top 7 of 1987 The Joshua Tree U2 I’m actually disappointed the band decided to look back and tour this album this summer.  That said, in 1987 there was not a finer or more exciting album,  The band’s tour that year is the one where they finally realized they weren’t […]

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5 Years

I flipped my Rhino Calendar to May and there was David Bowie 5 years 1969-1973.  He had an insane output of amazing music in that span. Space Oddity Man Who Sold The World Hunky Dory The Rise And Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars Aladdin Sane Pin-Ups It reminded me that I’ve […]

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Normally I have a look at new music that is coming out today but I’m still in a Prince funk.  When George Harrison was freed from The Beatles he released the 3 disc “All Things Must Pass”.  When Prince was freed from his Warner Bros. contract it took him only a week to release “Emancipation”. […]

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Country Prince

This weekend the look of the music fan may change from hipster to country as the Coachella Valley prepares for the Stagecoach Festival but I guarantee that Prince will still be on the mind of many at the Empire Polo Club.  There are few artists that touch all music formats and Prince was one of […]

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Prince loved Sports

Two of my favorite stories I’ve heard regarding Prince also involve competing in sports.  I guess it’s no surprise that the joy he brought to his music, he also brought to competing with others.  They’ve both been told numerous times, but here’s Jimmy Fallon talking about ping-pong and Charles Murphy talking about basketball. Bookmark on […]

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2 for 2uesday: Prince tribute covers

Not surprisingly there have been a number of artists covering their favorite Prince song.  Ironically, Prince did not want people to cover his songs. Bruce Springsteen played “Purple Rain” in Brooklyn.  The song is currently available to download for free on his website.   Here’s Lin Manuel Miranda and the entire cast of Hamilton performing […]

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Exiting The Stage

Like most music fans, I’m still trying to come to terms with Prince’s death.  Saturday Night Live this past week paid tribute to Prince by airing his many appearances on the show.  Watching his first appearance on the show back in 1981, you are in just awe of his performance of Party Up.   The […]

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I really have no words to speak of this tragic loss.  Our only consolation is the music will always be there for us.  Many of the lyrics in his songs from “Let’s Go Crazy” to “I Wish U Heaven” to “The Cross” indicate he was fully prepared for this moment.  We were not.   His […]

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