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MTV Anniversary Podcast

On this edition of What Difference Does It Make, Dave and Holly give you a special 2 Part podcast of the day that was August 1, 1981 and discuss the first 25 videos played. You can find it wherever your favorite podcasts are streamed. Part one includes everyone’s favorite music trivia question, the questionable musical […]

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Hold the football

Many halftime performers are given a football and they have to (awkwardly) pose with it and try to make it look like they know what this foreign object is. Here are the results. 1992: Gloria Estefan awkward two handed hold on a football 1993: Michael Jackson seems to be questioning why this thing is in […]

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Drum Phil or no Drum Phil

On October 28, Phil Collins announced that he is “no longer officially retired. The horse is out of the stable and I’m ready to go”. ┬áNo matter what you may think of his music this should be viewed as good news since Phil has had a number of injuries from hip and sciatic nerve damage […]

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