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Brian Wilson’s Year

Now over 50 years into his career, it looks like 2015 is going to be one of Brian Wilson‘s most productive. Last month saw a celebration of the music of Brian Wilson.  Here’s Al Jardine, Norah Jones and Brian singing “Surfer Girl” Brian’s new album “No Pier Pressure” comes out today.  Late last year in […]

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New Music Tuesday

Let’s play Jeopardy. A: Willie Nelson, Foo Fighters, Outkast, Ray Charles, Ryan Adams and Herbie Hancock Q: Who has Norah Jones collaborated with? You can now add Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong to Norah Jones impressive list. Norah and Billie Joe are releasing Foreverly.  Their loving tribute to The Everly Brothers album “Songs […]

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Get Out

It’s so hot out there and and you’ve already seen Iron Man 3, The Great Gatsby and Star Trek Into Darkeness?  Fear not, as the outdoor movies are now coming to Los Angeles.    Saturday you’ll have the choice of two diverse movies. Cinespia at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary presents American Psycho. DJ Jun spins before […]

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Stay In

Sure it’s cold and do you really want to go outside? Stay inside and watch some movies! Here’s a few to recommend: Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream Everyone else saw it.  So should you. History Of The Eagles: Everyone ends up rich and lives happily ever after Searching For Sugar Man: Fascinating documentary about […]

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The O Face

There’s something about rocking out and creating that face that super, sexy face that lets you know they’re working hard for the money.  The website Ultimate Classic Rock reminded me of the O face, which reminded me of this great Dana Carvey bit about guitar players. Of course this isn’t limited to guitar players.  Here’s […]

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Weekend In LA

Hot August Nights are to be had this weekend. Come to the Hollywood Bowl on Friday to see Norah Jones.  Her new album “Little Broken Hearts” is one of my favorites and ushers in a departure for her by stepping away from what her fans might expect a Norah Jones album to  sound like so […]

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Mid-Season Music All-Stars

It’s All-Star break time so it must be time to stop and reflect over the past half of the year which albums would make my All Star team.  Here’s my top 10.  Click on the photo to give them a listen. 1) Fun. “Some Nights Whenever someone ask me for a recommendation of a new […]

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New Music Tuesday

Norah Jones‘ side projects have always intrigued me more than her solo work.  She always seems to be having so much fun when she collaborates with her heroes like Dolly Parton or peers like Foo Fighters than on her own records which at times can soundformulaic.  Her audience loves them and continues to buy every […]

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New Music Tuesday

Unlike the movie industry which dumps all the crappy movies on us in January (yes I’m looking at you, Joyful Noise), this month is usually very kind to those music fans that have Best Buy and iTunes holiday gift cards. The first album of interest comes courtesy of Snow Patrol.  You probably remember them best […]

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New Music Tuesday

I use the term “new music” loosely this week as a couple of artists are re-releasing music that you probably already own. When I say own, I mean you have the vinyl or you used to because you upgraded to the  CD 21 years ago in 1990 but you’ve moved a few times and you […]

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