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New Music Tuesday

I imagine if “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” was made today, Jessica Rabbit would be drawn to look more like Nicki Minaj than Rita Hayworth and Veronica Lake.  Her shape is practically comical. In any event, Saturday Night Live recognizes that Nicki has some talent beyond her look and put her in a couple skits to parody […]

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Celebrity Branded Perfumes

Yes, it’s that time of year when major releases come out and I’m not talking about music, I’m talking about celebrity branded perfumes.  Ever wondered what a Britney Spears scent might be like?  If that’s not your speed how about the smell of 20 year old men?  Yes, One Direction has a fragrance out too. […]

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Social media

I’ve become a big fan of Spotify I can now listen to an amazing  variety of music however as you probably know Spotify has now partnered with Facebook.   Facebook now broadcasts to the world everything you’re listening  to.  Who was the idiot that declared that music needs to be social? For my birthday one […]

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