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Greek Theatre

They might have new promoters and you can’t subscribe for summer shows and there is a new URL for the venue but the Greek Theatre is still a beautiful place to see a show. The first show of the summer  starts with the power trio of Neko Case, kd lang and Laura Veirs aka  case/lang/veirs. […]

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The Power Trio

No, I’m not talking about the 100% Canadian Power Trio, Rush.  I’m talking about the All-American Power Trio of Parton, Harris and Ronstadt. Nobody is going to beat the way those ladies harmonize but there is a strong contending threesome that is 33% Canadian and that would be Neko Case, k.d. lang and Laura Veirs. […]

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Jesse Winchester

There’s a familiar proverb that goes “You many know a man by the company he keeps”.  If that is indeed the case, then Jesse Winchester who passed away last week, was a truly rich man.  Jesse Winchester may have been a singer and songwriter but it’s the artists that recognized his gift for the latter. […]

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New Music Tuesday

My favorite pop band band hailing from Glasgow that’s not named Belle and Sebastian is putting out a new album entitled Desire Lines.  That band would be Camera Obscura and they’re working with one of my favorite producers, Tucker Martine and singing with two of my favorite artists Jim James and Neko Case.  I’m putting […]

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Weekend In LA

The next to last First Friday is here. There will be a discussion with The Liar’s Club sounding “What on Earth is this Thing?” with Dr. Margaret Hardin (Division Chief, History and Anthropology) and Dr. John Long (Vice-President, Research and Collections) followed by The Twilight Zone-esque look into the future panel “Can Mammals Keep Up When Climate […]

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4th of July playlist

If you happen to find yourself playing the part of the family man (shout out to Greg Keer. Woo-Woo! ) and trapped in the car with the kids; fear not!  Just pop in this ready-made America/Freedom/Trains/Hot Pants themed playlist and let the fun begin (fun, is in no way guaranteed). I want you to have […]

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