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Rock Album Grammy Nominees

When the Grammy nomination come out you usually hold your breath and hope that they well represent your favorite music genre.  I think since they’ve changed the requirements for voting, the Grammy committee has been pretty accurate in their selections. This year might be the year that the Grammy committee threw up its arms in […]

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Album Trailers

Traditionally the Fall season for the music industry is like the Summer season for the movies when all the blockbusters come out.  I had never really taken notice of this trend before, but bands (or labels) are now releasing album trailers.   They’re filmed just like movie trailers except without the baritone voice guy letting us […]

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Team Liam v. Team Noel

Nothing turns my stomach more than the thought of sitting through a Twilight Series movie and yet I happily look forward to hear the soundtrack the accompanies each one of these films.  The first one helped Muse finally break through in America and brought Iron and Wine to our attention.  The New Moon Soundtrack had […]

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