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Grammy Nominations

The 2012 Grammy Nominations are out and it made the case that even though many people are decrying the death of the full-length record there is reason to believe in the album as the preferred way for artistic expression. The five nominees for album of the year are also all on my list for possible […]

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New Music Tuesday

First Tuesday of Fall means the superstar artists are starting to unleash their superstar products on the public.  Yes, I’m going to say it’s starting to feel like Christmas. I say that because Kenny Rogers, Jeremy Camp, The Oak Ridge Boys, Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee and Now That’s What I Call Today’s Christmas! are all […]

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The Collaboration

“I’d like to now bring out on stage…”  When I’m at shows those words always get me excited about which possible artist is waiting in the wings ready to step forward.  Sometimes, even if the names don’t earn an audible gasp (i.e. Beyonce or Bruce Springsteen) it can still be very cool. Last week at Dawes’ […]

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4th of July playlist

If you happen to find yourself playing the part of the family man (shout out to Greg Keer. Woo-Woo! ) and trapped in the car with the kids; fear not!  Just pop in this ready-made America/Freedom/Trains/Hot Pants themed playlist and let the fun begin (fun, is in no way guaranteed). I want you to have […]

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Free Music Friday

New plan.  It’s Friday!  Let’s share in some free music.  It’s available everywhere!  I’ll do the searching and find something that might be of interest. Spin Magazine has a monthly list. Click on this link to get it through iTunes. There’s a few good songs on here.  If you like bands like Mumford & Sons, […]

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