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Reworking the catalogue

Earlier this year, Van Morrison released “Reworking the Catalogue” whereupon Van reworks a number of his lesser known songs and reinterprets them through a duet with a different partner for each tune.  It mostly works because these songs are not untouchable Van standards and can be listened to and appreciated for their fun, looseness and  creative arrangements. […]

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Bublé is 40

Michael Bublé; He’s smooth, sophisticated and Canadian and like most Canadians he has a pretty good sense of humor. Fun fact: He’s no longer Canadian.  When he was 30 he became a naturalized Italian citizen (his father and grandparents are of Italian descent)  Who knows what wacky thing he’ll do this year?  We can only […]

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David Letterman: Punk Rocker

To this viewer, there was nothing more original than Late Night With David Letterman.  The Late Show was a well deserved 22 year victory lap for David Letterman.  Everything I learned from comedy appreciated about comedy came from Letterman’s perspective.  It’s probably why I’m a little more cynical and jaded than I should be.  It’s […]

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Bolton, Buble and G

  Say what you want about the music of Michael Bolton, Michael Bublé and Kenny G but the fact is they make a good, good living.  Plus, they are smart enough to be in on the joke that you think is their music.  They can one up you with a videos that give a sly […]

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2011 Holiday music

Everyone loves to take a shot at the Christmas classics or try to establish a new one so please enjoy these attempts from 2011 to reinvent the wheel. Bowling For Soup “I Miss You Most On Christmas” Kanye West featuring Prynce Cy Hi & Teyana Taylor “Christmas In Harlem” Mariah Carey & John Legend “When […]

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