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New Music Friday

The first A Tribe Called Quest in 18 years and last with Phife Dawg comes out today.  What should your reaction be?  Just follow this guy. Metallica has been consistently busy with different projects  and tours but this new album is their first since 2008’s Death Magnetic.  What can we expect?  A slightly different sound,. […]

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Opening Day Closer Songs

Happy Opening Day to baseball! It’s so big that they have to extend opening day to two days. Last year, I played a few of my favorite walk up songs for hitters but it’s the closer that gets the headlines.  One of the highlights of the games is hearing “Enter Sandman” or “Hell’s Bells” or “Welcome […]

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Poor Performances

  Sam Smith sang his Oscar winning song “Writing’s On The Wall” and afterwards said “It was the worst moment of my life. Singing was horrible. I hated every minute,” he told the BBC following his performance. Adele sang “Hello”at the Grammys and had to deal with poor sound issues and  “… cried pretty much all […]

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No Life ‘Til Leather

Metallica is headlining the Rock in Rio festival in Las Vegas this weekend and it’s always fun to start at the very beginning (it’s a very good place to start) and revisit the Metallica demo from 1982 “No Life Til Leather”.  James Hetfield’s growl isn’t quite there yet but the musicianship and intensity that defined […]

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Record Store Day 2015

Record Store Day is here. While I still love the idea of spreading the love and joy of record shopping, it definitely is a double-edged sword as people line up around the block of their local record store to pay high retail prices for what may or may not be collector’s items.  That said, there […]

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Double CDs

Since Lucinda’s double CD came out yesterday I’ve been thinking of past double LPs and/or double CDs. London Calling, The White Album,  Zen Arcade, Blonde On Blonde, Exile On Main Street, Speakeroxxx/The Love Below, Sign O’ The Times. The River, The Wall, Physical Graffitti are 10 great double albums. Except for the OutKast and Prince albums […]

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Co-Headlining shows

I saw Paul Simon and Sting last week and it was actually pretty good.  They sang each other’s songs and dueted together.   They played most of their hits (and a few buried gems).  The only big risk was Sting taking the lead on Bridge Over Troubled Water I think it worked quite well.  They […]

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The Fantastic Four

In honor of my 400th post… Top 4 bands 1) The Four Tops — Levi Stubbs singing “Bernadette” is one of the best vocal performances in pop music history 2) The Four Seasons — Frankie Valli is right behind Levi Stubbs 3) Gang Of Four — Rigid rock that pulls and stops, it’s music described […]

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New Music Tuesday

I hope you didn’t spend all your money on candy and gum this Halloween because now holiday season is in full effect and the big music releases come out. Let’s start relatively small and work our way up. Lou Reed and Metallica have recorded an album together called Lulu.   The words “really?” and “why?” […]

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