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2016 Predictions

Let’s stare into the crystal ball and see what might happen in 2016. Coachella – It’s pretty much confirmed that Guns ‘n Roses and LCD Soundsystem will headline.  I’m going to guess that Axl will go on late, they’ll cut the cord and he’ll throw a tantrum and refuse to play the second weekend. Meanwhile, […]

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The Live Album

Comes Alive, At Budakon, Folsom Prison, At The Apollo, At Leeds.  Most music fans can fill in the blanks with Frampton, Cheap Trick, Johnny Cash, James Brown and The Who.  A long time ago the live album was created to establish the authenticity of the artist and in some cases like the aforementioned albums launched their […]

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Weekend In LA

An interesting documentary comes out this weekend called, “Searching For Sugarman“, which details the life of a singer-songwriter named Rodriguez.  According to some reviews I’ve seen he recorded a virtually unheard masterpiece in 1970 called Cold Fact.  According to the bio: “When 1971’s Coming from Reality met a similar fate as its predecessor, the artist left the music […]

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MTV 30th Anniversary

Yes, it’s been 30 years since MTV launched.  Even though you probably don’t watch it anymore because there’s nothing but filth on there (My Dad would be proud that I finally came around to his point of view). People still care because it has helped shape who they are culturally.   I  know all 5 […]

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