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Kids as your favorite rock stars

Halloween time.  Here are 10 of my favorite costumes from years past.    Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post

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Music Families Should See Together

I took the family to see Paul McCartney.  I’ve seen Paul a few times but I knew it was time to take the family to see an actual music icon.  Time is running out on a number of these artists.  I wish my parents had taken me to see Led Zeppelin or Elvis Presley but […]

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Kenny Kerner

Any KISS fan that came of age in the mid 70’s would know the name Kenny Kerner.   Kenny and  Ritchie Wise produced the debut album from the band and like everyone at the time we wanted to absorb every little nugget of detail from this strange band in kabuki makeup.  Kenny was the same way when […]

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Musicians and coffee

We aren’t surprised when we see that musicians brand themselves with alcohol.  ZZ Top and Sammy Hagar have Tequilla.  Jay-Z has his cognac and of course Willie Nelson has his Whiskey River to name but a few. The new go-to product for musicians now seems to be coffee. St. Vincent is a big coffee fan. […]

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Get Out

Seeing an arena rock band actually perform in a legitimate arena is a rare occurrence as both a legitimate arena rock band and arena are in short supply.    However Friday night Kings Of Leon will at The Fabulous Forum. It’ll be like: Steppenwolf performing during their At Your Birthday Party Tour on July 14, 1969 at The […]

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Favorite Drinking Songs

The cool thing about drinking songs is that no music style has the patent on the right way to create the perfect drinking song. Hip Hop to Country to Rock they all have created some memorable songs. I know St. Patrick’s Day is about more than just drinking so let’s just say it’s a coincidence […]

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Rock Hall Nominees 2014

The Rock Hall has announced their Nominees for the Class of 2014.  They are many repeat nominees so we shall see if the second..or third…or fourth time is the charm. Using My Morning Jacket’s “Wordless Chorus” lyrics of “We Are The Innovators, They are The Imitators”, I will let you know who I think should […]

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Classic Rock and Commercials

Johnson & Johnson has decided that Guns n’ Roses represents “love and the reason you care”. Here are a few other commercials you probably never thought you’d see from your favorite rockers. Rush & Passat Eddie Money & Geico KISS & Dr. Pepper Quiet Riot & Hyundai Rolling Stones “Sympathy for The Devil” & Mercedes […]

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Super Bowl Music Commercials

As everyone knows, most of the people who tune in to the Super Bowl are watching for the in-between game fun, like the halftime show, the Puppy Bowl and of course , the commercials.  Here are my favorite music inspired commercials throughout the years. We’ll start off with this year’s Flaming Lips Hyundai spot. 2012 with […]

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New Music Tuesday

Not so much a new music Tuesday as shout out to the work of Bob Ezrin who has a “resurrection” album and a band that needs a resurrection coming out today. Alice Cooper described Bob Ezrin as “our George Martin” as the sounds he helped create, defined the work of Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd and […]

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