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New Music Friday

Familiar names in less than familiar roles this week. Keith Richards plays guitar for a rock and roll band whose name currently escapes me.  He’s got a solo album out entitled “Crosseyed Heart“.  It’s his first since 1992 (that’s 23 years) and like his other solo efforts it sounds like he’s having the time of […]

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Keith Richards is 70

Keith Richards is now 70.  It  gives everyone hope  that one can live a long fruitful life.  Hey, if Peter O’Toole can make it to 81 who knows how long Keith Richards can last?  So in honor of Keef, here are ten fun facts on why this guitar slinger is way cooler than you. 1) Recruited […]

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Rock Stars and Presidents

Hard to believe but Led Zeppelin, that satanic, drug taking, groupie lovin’, party to excess band was actually recognized with the Kennedy Center Honor award for their contribution to American culture. Hard to believe that this band in 1973… …would 40 years later become this band: Here’s President Obama speaking about Led Zeppelin: They’re not […]

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Waging Heavy Peace

Our Classic Rock Stars are talking.  Or rather they’re sitting at the old Smith-Corona (that’s just the way I imagine it) and typing out their life stories like Keith Richard’s “Life” or random bits and pieces of their history as  was the case with Bob Dylan’s Chronicles or retelling the fascinating start of a career […]

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Feuding with Elton John

I love Elton John.  I love his music, his philanthropy and his general ability to not hold back and call it like he sees it.  Basically it’s probably a good idea to stay on Elton’s good side. You’ve probably heard of his recent spat with Madonna.  Basically he didn’t like Madonna’s comments regarding Lady Gaga’s […]

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While people are now gravitating to e-books as their reading preference I still prefer the idea of someone reading to me. I am currently finishing up  “A Visit From The Goon Squad” by Jennifer Egan.  Jennifer won the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction with this work.  The story follows a number of characters in youth and […]

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