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New Music Friday

This week it’s a battle between  One Direction and Justin Bieber. “Made In The A.M.” by 1d is their final release before they start their hiatus and splinter off into new directions. Justin’s album “Purpose” is his comeback of sorts after his  2012-2014″hiatus” of  legal troubles. The battle is on for a week until Adele […]

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Grammy Nominations

The 2012 Grammy Nominations are out and it made the case that even though many people are decrying the death of the full-length record there is reason to believe in the album as the preferred way for artistic expression. The five nominees for album of the year are also all on my list for possible […]

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Don’t Mess With The Beatles

Well it all occurred on New Year’s Eve but people are still up in arms. First off, Justin Bieber, sounding like the actual 17-year-old that he is, tries to soothe the city of New York with his words Let’s just count the clichés.  If you’re on stage don’t say any of these:  1) Scream the […]

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