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Opening Day Closer Songs

Happy Opening Day to baseball! It’s so big that they have to extend opening day to two days. Last year, I played a few of my favorite walk up songs for hitters but it’s the closer that gets the headlines.  One of the highlights of the games is hearing “Enter Sandman” or “Hell’s Bells” or “Welcome […]

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Rock and Country

The old joke used to be the guy saying he only liked two types of music, Country and Western. Now “Western” has been replaced by “Rock” If you are in your 40s and can’t relate to Alternative or Pop music there is a very good chance you have gravitated towards Country music.    The hits […]

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The Live Album

Comes Alive, At Budakon, Folsom Prison, At The Apollo, At Leeds.  Most music fans can fill in the blanks with Frampton, Cheap Trick, Johnny Cash, James Brown and The Who.  A long time ago the live album was created to establish the authenticity of the artist and in some cases like the aforementioned albums launched their […]

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September Songs

September represents the start of school,  the time to put away those shorts and begin a new chapter in your life or reflect on times past.  This is probably the reason there are more songs with September in the title than January.  January may represent a new year but it’s still winter, nothing has really […]

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New Music Tuesday

It may be new music Tuesday but today we salute an old piece of music that came out 50 years ago.  In 1964, Johnny Cash release the album  “Bitter Tears: Ballads of the American Indian“. It’s a concept album focusing on the mistreatment and marginalization of the Native American people throughout the history of the United […]

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Johnny Cash: The Life

I just finished the biography Johnny Cash: The Life by Robert Hilburn.  It’s truly captures the full spectrum of The Man In Black and is a perfect companion piece to Peter Guralnick’s two biographies on Elvis Presley “Last Train To Memphis” and “Careless Love“.  In fact, Robert Hilburn could have divided up these two books […]

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Million Dollar Quartet

Blind Faith, Temple Of The Dog, Atoms for Peace, Velvet Revolver,  Cream, Crosby Stills, Nash & Young.  All can be considered supergroups but all  cower in comparison to the original supergroup that got together for one time on December 4, 1956. The supergroup that the Memphis Press-Scimitar would headline as the Million Dollar Quartet, consisted of Elvis […]

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Veteran Musicians

Veterans are ordinary citizens doing amazing work.  Occasionally a few also become proficient at making music.  Happy Veteran’s Day!    Elvis Presley Army: March 1958 and March 1960 Johnny Cash Air Force: July 1950- July 1954 Jimi Hendrix Army: May 1961-June 1962 Ice T Army 1976-1980   Sammy Davis Jr. Army Willie Nelson Air Force 1950 […]

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Music Memoirs Fall 2013

Fall’s here which usually means that long anticipated biographies are coming out. Here are a few I hope to read in the coming months. Simple Dreams: A Musical Memoir  This woman ruled the radio airwaves in the 70’s, she dated Governor Jerry Brown and was called the first lady of California.  Any legitimate songwriter would […]

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Musical Couples

This week I’m going to see Patty Griffin and the very next day, Robert Plant.  Both have off days on the day their significant other is playing so I’m hoping they’ll each make a cameo at their partner’s show.  It’s a great musical couple and in salute to this couple I’m listing a few other […]

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