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In the year 5776

It is Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year of 5776 and in honor of the occasion I’m posting some videos of Stephen Colbert discussing the holiday.  Even though Stephen is Catholic, on his old show he discussed the meaning of Rosh Hashanah in the only way the character of Stephen Colbert could be accepting out forgiveness […]

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New Music Tuesday

Bro-country is such a big thing that in now has it’s own Wikipedia page.  But there is hope for those that are growing weary of songs about taking your girl with the cut-off jeans on a Friday night to the creek on your flat-bed truck with guns, tobacco and God by your side. The good news […]

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Rock Stars doing the weather forecast

Now that February is over, hopefully there will be a reprieve of the amount of insane weather the east coast has faced so far this winter.  In any case, I just heard a clip of Ed Sheeran doing the weather and it occurred to me that he has not been the first rock star to […]

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Playing With Dad

Last week Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy released a song with his son Spencer on drums.  They’re releasing an album called Sukierae  (pronounced “sue-key-ray”).  According to dictionary.com, it’s not really a word so we’ll just have to trust the Tweedys’ on this one.  Any fan of Tweedy’s work will love this song and he allows Spencer plenty […]

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3rd Year Anniversary

 Yes, it’s hard to believe but I’ve been doing this 5 days a week for the past 156 weeks.  That’s 780 posts, people!     If you do like this blog, please do me a favor and like the postings on Facebook, retweet on Twitter, +1 on Google +, subscribe to the posts and leave comments. […]

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Get Out

Well this is certainly the week to hang out at Largo for a few old timey 70’s type variety shows and a number of solo shows from one of my favorites. Tonight at Largo is something called the  Rhett Miller & Paul Scheer’s Christmas Spectacular.  What is it?   I don’t know but here’s who’s […]

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