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Sweating musicians

It’s the dog days of Summer and I don’t feel like moving around at all…and that includes typing so in honor of sweat, I present my favorite sweat songs and musicians. Let’s start with the obvious #1 Funk sensation, James Brown Prince “Black Sweat” C+C Music Factory – Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) […]

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The Live Album

Comes Alive, At Budakon, Folsom Prison, At The Apollo, At Leeds.  Most music fans can fill in the blanks with Frampton, Cheap Trick, Johnny Cash, James Brown and The Who.  A long time ago the live album was created to establish the authenticity of the artist and in some cases like the aforementioned albums launched their […]

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Music Documentaries 2014

I love music documentaries.  They lift the curtain and let us peak inside of a world or personality or life style we could or could never imagine.   I think Dave Grohl did a great job with his “Sonic Highways” series but since most everyone already is aware of its existence, here are ten others […]

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Don Cornelius

As most of you know Don Cornelius died on February 1. Soul Train hosted some amazing moments.  Click on the photos to see some of my favorites of the “hippest trip in America”. Aretha Franklin sings “Mary Don’t You Weep” Billy Preston (and his spectacular afro) “Nothing From Nothing” The Staple Singers (with Pops) singing […]

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Martin Luther King Playlist

Here’s a playlist for you inspired by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: U2 “MLK” Stevie Wonder “Happy Birthday” Marvin Gaye “What’s Going On” Queen “One Vision” The Byrds “Chimes Of Freedom” Pete Seeger “We Shall Overcome” James Brown “Get It Together” This James Brown is the first song played on April 5, 1968 […]

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4th of July playlist

If you happen to find yourself playing the part of the family man (shout out to Greg Keer. Woo-Woo! ) and trapped in the car with the kids; fear not!  Just pop in this ready-made America/Freedom/Trains/Hot Pants themed playlist and let the fun begin (fun, is in no way guaranteed). I want you to have […]

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Father’s Day Mixtape

So the recession is hitting you hard this year and you don’t have anything for dear ol’ Dad?  Well fear not, here is an hours worth of father-themed music, some obvious, some not so much, some looking from the father’s perspective, some from the child’s. All are classic songs are just a right-click away.  Maybe […]

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