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Sing Into My Mouth

This is not a review of the Iron and Wine/Ben Bridwell record Sing Into My Mouth.  The album is a covers record and the song selection is as varied as you might expect from these Folk Rock troubadours.  This is a brief introduction into two artists I had previously never knew existed but their songs are covered […]

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New Music Friday

Tame Impala “Currents” The trippy Aussie rockers discover that’s it’s cool to dance too.  Think of a mixture between Pink Floyd, ELO and Prince and you might have an idea of where they’re heading.  This might not be their breakthrough record but it’s still going to bring in many new fans and still keep their […]

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Sax Man

While attending the Independence Day Hall & Oates show it occurred to me that the sax man died a long time ago when it comes to pop songs.  Sure, Lady Gaga thankfully gave Clarence Clemons his final spotlight on the Edge Of Glory. However, as I watched the clichéd long-haired sax man for Hall & Oates […]

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