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Get Out

Sad that you missed Taylor Swift announce “Please welcome to the stage Beck and St. Vincent” as they ripped into Beck’s “Dreams”? Well fear not as St. Vincent remains in Los Angeles for her show this Sunday at The Hollywood Bowl. This time instead of Beck the musical protege is paired with R&B chanteuse Erykah […]

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Rock Hall Nominees 2014

The Rock Hall has announced their Nominees for the Class of 2014.  They are many repeat nominees so we shall see if the second..or third…or fourth time is the charm. Using My Morning Jacket’s “Wordless Chorus” lyrics of “We Are The Innovators, They are The Imitators”, I will let you know who I think should […]

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Sax Man

While attending the Independence Day Hall & Oates show it occurred to me that the sax man died a long time ago when it comes to pop songs.  Sure, Lady Gaga thankfully gave Clarence Clemons his final spotlight on the Edge Of Glory. However, as I watched the clichéd long-haired sax man for Hall & Oates […]

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Weekend In LA

It’s America’s 235 birthday so let’s celebrate with some blue-eyed soul! There’s only one place to be this weekend so I’m only recommending one thing . The place to be this weekend on July 2, 3 and 4th is at the Hollywood Bowl to see Hall and Oates.  They’ll be performing with the Hollywood Bowl […]

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