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7 and 7 is 1987

  Time to explore the top 7 of 1987 The Joshua Tree U2 I’m actually disappointed the band decided to look back and tour this album this summer.  That said, in 1987 there was not a finer or more exciting album,  The band’s tour that year is the one where they finally realized they weren’t […]

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Guns N’ Roses 25 years after The Forum

If you live in LA and you love hair metal this is your weekend to relive the glory days. As you all know, Guns N’ Roses have put aside their differences and are raking in millions reliving their glory days and will play two nights at Dodger Stadium with The Cult. Good news is the band adheres […]

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Back in the day

Just in case you forgot why certain bands are playing at Coachella, let’s look at how exciting they were back in the day. Guns N’ Roses “It’s So Easy” 1988 In 10 seconds, even before Axl sings a note, they’ve already won me over   Ice Cube 1991 – Sure it’s profane but I love […]

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Classic Rock Coachella

For those of you over 40 that are attending Coachella this weekend (or next) here are a number of artists that were just getting started or already had a substantial career when you were in your teens. Only artists that had their first album out in the 20th century are listed.  This lineup would make a […]

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2016 Predictions

Let’s stare into the crystal ball and see what might happen in 2016. Coachella – It’s pretty much confirmed that Guns ‘n Roses and LCD Soundsystem will headline.  I’m going to guess that Axl will go on late, they’ll cut the cord and he’ll throw a tantrum and refuse to play the second weekend. Meanwhile, […]

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Co-Headlining shows

I saw Paul Simon and Sting last week and it was actually pretty good.  They sang each other’s songs and dueted together.   They played most of their hits (and a few buried gems).  The only big risk was Sting taking the lead on Bridge Over Troubled Water I think it worked quite well.  They […]

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Classic Rock and Commercials

Johnson & Johnson has decided that Guns n’ Roses represents “love and the reason you care”. Here are a few other commercials you probably never thought you’d see from your favorite rockers. Rush & Passat Eddie Money & Geico KISS & Dr. Pepper Quiet Riot & Hyundai Rolling Stones “Sympathy for The Devil” & Mercedes […]

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Bridge School Benefit Show

Neil Young hosted his 26th Annual Bridge School Benefit concert over the weekend and thanks to his gracious nature he not only raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for the two shows  but on Sunday he let the public stream the show for free. It is a  wonderful concert and the ability to hear some […]

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Rock Hall Induction

While young fans were gathering in the desert at Coachella to celebrate music of the future and recent past, people aged above their 40’s gathered together to celebrate music’s golden past  in Cleveland for the 27th Annual Rock Hall induction ceremony. Part of the fun of the induction ceremony is trying to figure out which […]

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Weekend in LA

Three unique personalities are visiting Los Angeles this weekend and it might be fun to check in to see what they’re up to. When Nellie McKay first hit with her album “Get Away From Me” (a play on Norah Jones “Come Away With Me”) she was compared to Doris Day…if she had a mouth like […]

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