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Get Out…to Stagecoach

With Coachella finally out of the way, it’s now time to focus on Country Coachella aka Stagecoach.  Just like Coachella, the headliners aren’t necessarily the most interesting performers to see at this festival so with that in mind and now that the set times are posted, here is a potential strategy to see some worthwhile […]

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Record Store Day Bootie

One of the reasons people buy pieces of art is to tell the story behind them.   And since  I consider my records artwork, here are the stories to tell regarding my five purchases from Record Store Day 2015. 1) Bob Dylan “The Basement Tape”:  Since there are so many different configurations of The Basement […]

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Rock Stars and Presidents

Hard to believe but Led Zeppelin, that satanic, drug taking, groupie lovin’, party to excess band was actually recognized with the Kennedy Center Honor award for their contribution to American culture. Hard to believe that this band in 1973… …would 40 years later become this band: Here’s President Obama speaking about Led Zeppelin: They’re not […]

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