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Grammy predictions

Just like picking the winner of the Super Bowl, it’s nearly impossible to predict who will come win Grammys this year.  Next year’s spoiler alert…it’s going to be Adele.  Here are the nominations for the major awards and to whom I think will win.  By the way,  good news for those on the west coast […]

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Rock Album Grammy Nominees

When the Grammy nomination come out you usually hold your breath and hope that they well represent your favorite music genre.  I think since they’ve changed the requirements for voting, the Grammy committee has been pretty accurate in their selections. This year might be the year that the Grammy committee threw up its arms in […]

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2 for 2uesday: Grammy edition

As you may or may not know, the 2016 Grammy nominations were released this past Monday morning and as is usually the case, there are a number of songs and or artists that I was not familiar with but that caught the fancy of the Grammy committee.  This year there were a number of these […]

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Grammy misses

All award shows open themselves up to scrutiny once they announce their nominees.  Someone’s always going to find fault with the selections.  So why should I be any different. The 2015 Grammy nominees were announced last week and  there were some fine and worthy selections.  No glaring mistakes.  I do believe though that they may […]

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Grammy weekend

Okay, so we don’t have tickets to the Grammy Award show or the pre or post show parties but we can still enjoy it in our own way. Paul McCartney is being honored on Friday by MusiCares as the 2012 Person Of The Year.  You may not be able to afford the minimum price of […]

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