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Grammy Nominations

The Grammy awards have been reduced from 109 to 78 categories wisely removing the distinction between male and female performances. Of course that doesn’t mean there are still some eyebrow raising moments. The most pleasant surprise is the recognition of Bon Iver.  The song “Holocene” was nominated for Record Of The Year and Song Of The Year. […]

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Free Music Friday

Just like spending the day at Costco (except far less fattening) I have found a few free samples for you to try. Let’s see what the music rags have to offer up. Spin Magazine has their 14 song sampler available on iTunes.   They also have a solo performance from Alex Turner of The Arctic […]

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New Music Tuesday

I guess this is the week I blog about the powerful female singer.  Two noteworthy albums come out today from a couple of the most honest vocalists out there…and no, I’m not talking about Beyonce or Selena. I’m talking about Dolly and Gillian Welch (Kind of hard to believe that Gillian is the only artist in this […]

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