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Rush is a band.   They are playing The Forum…probably for the final time.  You should go. They are also known to have a deep, distinctly Canadian, sense of humor.  Witness it here. Geddy Lee -Toboggan enthusiast Alex Lifeson – Awkward Actor Neil Peart – Hockey enthusiast So take off, eh! See you Saturday!   […]

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Happy Birthday, Geddy Lee

Geddy Lee turns a very nimble 62 today.  In honor of Geddy’s birthday and the fact that I’m going to see RUSH this week and I am PUMPED, let’s look at some Geddy Lee fun facts. 1) Most people know that Geddy’s real first name is Gary.  His Yiddish-accented grandma always pronounced his name with […]

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Rush Interview

Sure I used to understand why Rush was not cool  enough to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Their music could sometimes seem overblown and cold and the lyrics sometimes seemed a little pretentious (i.e. “Trees” could have been a Tenacious D song) but enough is enough.  If Guns N’ Rose can […]

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National Donut Day

How’s it going, eh? It’s the first Friday in June which means it’s National Donut Day so I thought I would salute my favorite donut loving siblings The McKenzie Brothers. You might be saying, who?  Rick Moranis (Bob)  is probably best remembered from Ghostbusters and those Honey I Shrunk The Kids movies.  Dave Thomas (Doug) […]

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