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Tomorrow starts Breast Cancer Awareness month and I wanted to make you aware of an amazing project emanating from legendary San Francisco radio station KFOG. Morning DJ Mike “No Name” Nelson’s wife is battling breast cancer.  Their 8 year old son Mike wanted to do something for his mom and came up with the song title. […]

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Adult Top 40 music

There’s no long a need to smash your radio. As usual, I lose the battle to control the car stereo when my daughter is in the car with me. Lately though I haven’t minded too much when  the dial lands on Top 40 station KIIS-FM.  I no longer feel the need to smash the radio. These […]

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The O Face

There’s something about rocking out and creating that face that super, sexy face that lets you know they’re working hard for the money.  The website Ultimate Classic Rock reminded me of the O face, which reminded me of this great Dana Carvey bit about guitar players. Of course this isn’t limited to guitar players.  Here’s […]

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