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New Music Friday

In this special edition of New Music we salute two epic double albums released over 35 years ago Fleetwood Mac’s album “Tusk” was released on October 12, 1979 at a cost of over (put pinky to mouth for 20 year old Austin Powers reference) $1 million….hey, someone had to keep the cocaine flowing for these […]

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Fleetwood Mac

I was in grade school during the 70s heyday of Fleetwood Mac.  My oldest daughter was three years old the last time the iconic Fleetwood Mac lineup shared a stage.  Yet, even though we were not aware of the band in their prime, their music still packed a wallop for both of us when we […]

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The Mac is Back

It used to be I could name all the members of KISS, The Replacements, The Who, Jane’s Addiction,  The Rolling Stones or AC/DC. Those days are gone. I can’t name the lead guitar player in KISS or The Replacements, I’m not sure who the bassist is in The Who or The Rolling Stones or Jane’s […]

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Music Families Should See Together

I took the family to see Paul McCartney.  I’ve seen Paul a few times but I knew it was time to take the family to see an actual music icon.  Time is running out on a number of these artists.  I wish my parents had taken me to see Led Zeppelin or Elvis Presley but […]

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If you’re doing your child a favor and picking up the Miley Cyrus album, do them and yourselves an extra solid and also get the debut album from a trio of sisters from the San Fernando Valley called Haim.   Parents, it does pay to introduce your kids to your music as the sisters spent […]

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Get Out

I think of a better way to spend a part of your 3 day weekend at The Hollywood Bowl with Fleetwood Mac.   Sure, it’s without Christine McVie so you won’t hear “Over My Head” or “Say You Love Me” or “Little Lies” or “You Make Lovin’ Fun” but they’ll still play “Don’t Stop” (how […]

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2013 Predictions

Here’s where I stare into my crystal ball and tell you who will come out the winner. iTunes streaming vs.  Spotify/Mog/Rdio/Pandora/Pono Winner Apple This will be a landslide.  Never bet against Apple.  I still remember when I owned a Rio with 64K of memory which was the ultimate music player and then everything changed with […]

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2012 Concert Tours

This year looks to be quite an eventful one when it comes to major artist tours this year.  Here are a few to prepare you.  Start saving your money now. Yes, the group of Van Halen, Van Halen, Van Halen and Roth will meet up in your local hockey arenas this summer where you will […]

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Thurston and Kim

I was very sad to hear last week that Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth had split up.  They were the cool alternative rock couple that seemingly made marriage seem like a great idea.  You could make strange music and tour together and later even have a kid and it all seemed to […]

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