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Musicians acting like Jocks

Since it’s a “Super” week leading up to the Super Sunday, we’ll take a look at musicians and they’re tenuous relationship with sports. If you ask any musician, most likely they’ll tell you they picked up an instrument because they were not jocks.  However once said musician becomes a rock star, they are sometimes unwittingly […]

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Having Fun With Adele On Stage

I saw Adele‘s show last week.  She played 16 songs.  The songs averaged about 5 minutes in length for about 90 minutes worth of music.  There was no intermission and yet the entire show was over two hours.  The reason is that Adele  has a lot on her mind.  Sure, we all want to hear these […]

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Reworking the catalogue

Earlier this year, Van Morrison released “Reworking the Catalogue” whereupon Van reworks a number of his lesser known songs and reinterprets them through a duet with a different partner for each tune.  It mostly works because these songs are not untouchable Van standards and can be listened to and appreciated for their fun, looseness and  creative arrangements. […]

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Kids as your favorite rock stars

Halloween time.  Here are 10 of my favorite costumes from years past.    Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post

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Record Store Day 2015

Record Store Day is here. While I still love the idea of spreading the love and joy of record shopping, it definitely is a double-edged sword as people line up around the block of their local record store to pay high retail prices for what may or may not be collector’s items.  That said, there […]

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President’s Day

Let’s look back over the past 50+ years and provide you with some awkward moments of The POTUS and their association with music. May 19, 1962, In honor of his 45th birthday, Marilyn Monroe sings “Happy Birthday” to President John Kennedy at  Madison Square Garden in New York. Quips the President, “I can now retire from politics […]

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Elvis and Bowie 1974

  Elvis and Bowie.  Both are game changing artists both were born on January 8.  How about enjoying a 1974 Free Music Friday of Elvis Presley playing at the Houston Astrodome on March 3, 1974 and David Bowie at the Universal Amphitheatre on September 5, 1974.  Click on the photos to get the music.   […]

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Elvis Birthday Bash

If you love Elvis (and seriously, who doesn’t) and you live in LA there is only one place you should be to celebrate the 80th birthday celebration for the King of Rock and Roll.  The 28th edition of the Elvis Birthday Bash will be held this year at the Hollywood Avalon.  Expect to see at […]

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Elvis Presley is 80

  Elvis Presley was born January 8, 1935.  That would make him 80 this year. Let this sink in.  Willie Nelson turns 82 in April and he’s still playing. I could easily imagine Elvis taking a similar path like Willie and collaborating with contemporary artists and still playing shows.  How cool would it have been […]

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Best Reissues and Box Set 2014

If you haven’t been weighted down with Starbucks gift certificates, you’re probably swimming in Amazon Gift Certificates so with that in mind why not buy/re-purchase music you bought decades ago.  Here are ten of my favorite reissues and box sets released in 2014. Led Zeppelin I II, III, IV and House Of The Holy Bob […]

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